Metatrol Pro 60 Capsules Fermented Wheat Germ Extract

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Daily Immune and Cell Repair Support
Active Ingredients: 41mg Fermented Wheat Germ Extract-Super Concentrate )FWGE-SCtm)

Other Ingredients: V-Cap® plant-derived cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose

  • Supports cell metabolic regulation
  • Promotes immune system modulation
  • Increases immune system’s ability to identify harmful cells 

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract-Super Concentrate (FWGE-SC)

Suggested Use:

  • Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement for adults, take 2 Metatrol PRO™ capsules per day (before, during or after meals, as preferred). For people weighing over 200 lbs, take 4 Metatrol PRO capsules per day