New Phone Consultation or Office Visit

$300.00 $500.00

Question:  What do you cover in a consultation or what to expect?

Answer:  The consultation is broken into four parts;

1)  Reviewing medical history, diagnosis, genetic predispositions, present lab tests and scans. 

2)  Scheduling additional lab tests to gather more facts about your health.  See the Price Sheet to review available lab tests.  Lab tests vary by client.  These are the most poplar;


Neuro Adrenal Expanded

Organic Acid

Food Sensitivity lab test

GI Effects stool lab test

Various Genetics Type lab tests

Advanced Lipid Panel

Advanced Antioxidant Panel

Blood Chemistry including thyroid


3)  Developing a custom protocol to: Phase 1- Foundational
Detoxification: Opening detox excretion processes
Eradicating overgrowth bacteria, yeast, parasites.
Breaking up and detoxifying toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and biofilms   that create other infections.

Balancing the Endocrine system, stress adaption and neurotransmitters. 

Rebuilding the Digestion and Gastrointestinal Microbiome

4)  Custom dietary program based upon your health assessment.


Question:  How long is the consult?

Answer:  Phone consults last up to 1 hour and include one week of follow-up questions.

  Office visits:  Last up to 2 hours.  Our team of experienced practitioners and life style educators will mentor you toward better health.  Cost is the same.


No refunds for office visits or lab testing