Samson GB-9001 Single-Gear Juicer - Ivory

$229.00 $299.95

The Samson GB-9001 Single-Gear Juicer (White) is a six-in-one masticating juicer; a multi function juicer that can extract healthy juices from fruits and vegetable, wheat grass, and other leafy greens.  With the GB-9001 you can make breadsticks, cookies, pasta and noodles, baby food, and frozen desserts.  You can mince meats; grind coffee, herbs and seasonings such as garlic, onion, and much more.  Unlike other juicers, it can also extract juices from pine leaves and aloe.  The GB-9001 is equipped with a low-speed mill-type screw, which helps preserve flavor and nutritional value and at a low 80 RPM, no foaming.  The GB-9001 also comes with a built in control to prevent overheating and restarts once it has cooled down.

    •    Two pasta nozzles and two noodle nozzles
    •    A juicing nozzle and screen
    •    A mincing nozzle and cone
    •    Two cups
    •    Unique pusher/plunger
    •    Brush; sieve
    •    Built in control to prevent overheating
    •    Quick and easy cleaning
    •    Spare fuse
    •    Color cook book and video tape
    •    This Juicer is available in black (model GB-9002) or white (model GB-9001)
    •    Made of FDA approved polycarbonate and melamine
    •     Ten year manufacturer’s warranty for motor; five year for other parts 

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